My Latest Pibauso (Master)piece


December 12th, 2016

This is my latest Pibauso original. It is currently on the market for 25 BTC, or 20,000 USD.


At first glance, it may appear to be an abstract representation of a coastal horizon. The yellow on the bottom being the sand, the blue being the ocean, and the black and yellow spots being the night sky with stars sprinkled throughout.


However, crafting this abstract piece with two more quarters left at UCLA (hence, Bruin colors), I wanted to manifest a microcosm of people and life. A microcosm of myself, my friends, and my fellow Bruins, as we ultimately choose the path with which we see fit to start our lives and careers.


I started with the straight blue dashes near the top of the horizon, and the straight black and yellow dashes at the top and bottom of the piece. Although they may appear different, these lines follow one after another in a very structured, mindless manner. They represent the people that live a familiar life. They follow the person right in front of them, seeing clearly the destination at hand. They stick to what they know, which often makes them comfortable.


However, as I dove deeper into the piece, I used the waving blue lines slightly below the horizon to literally appear as waves in the ocean, and to figuratively represent people who chose to stray from the norm. These are the people who do not follow the person directly in front of them throughout life and who do not have a direct view of the destination ahead. They may have a slight idea, but not a full view. They will get to their respective destinations eventually, but in a rather unorthodox fashion.


And as a result of these particular individuals straying from the norm, the people they interact with each day are directly influenced and stray a bit, too. Hence, the waving lines directly around the most wavy dashes are not completely straight, featuring a sort of ripple effect created by the people who stray from the norm.


With this abstract masterpiece of a beautiful ocean skyline at night, I wanted to communicate the theme that it ultimately does not matter the path you take because you will arrive at your destination (happiness, success, both, or whatever it may be). What truly matters is the experiences and memories that shape who you are along the way.


Which path will you take?


To learn more about Pibauso, check out his Everipedia page.




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