Flux - Our Humble but Baus Beginnings & Future Vision


December 4th, 2016

My official entrepreneurial career started during the summer of 2015 in sunny Los Angeles, California. Alejandro and I enrolled in the Startup UCLA incubator as Flux Chargers.


We made portable phone chargers featuring built-in cords for iPhones and Androids, and were the only startup that had a physical product instead of software.


Every single startup in our incubator had a baus and lucrative idea. However, there was one thing that differentiated Flux (Ale and me at the time) from everyone else. It was our willingness to aimlessly and sometimes shamelessly promote our product. Sometimes to the point of too much.


While many other startup founders would remain shy during social pitch events, Alejandro would end every presentation with a savage sales pitch with a promo code to buy a charger, and then we'd both go grab beers and makes friends with the audience to sell even more chargers. #sävagesales


We pitched the Flux Charger everywhere we went, getting valuable feedback on the product and our marketing strategy. Every time we heard a piece of critique, we would incorporate it into our next batch of chargers to make them better. This fast feedback was yuge for our quick optimization. Our latest batch have a smooth aluminum matte finish.


During the beginning of the program, our very first order was for 100 chargers. Ale and I sold the them all in three days by approaching random people on 3rd Street Promenade and relying on our boyish good looks and negotiation prowess. With the revenue from these sales, we were then able to bootstrap and purchase our next batch -- this time for 200, then 500, then 1000 and so on.


We didn't wait for people to come to us -- we went to them, and sold to them. We were always making incremental progress. Always. A little bit each day that compounds fat in the long term.


We were able to determine which features were most important, and after six additional generations of our product, we sell seventy to one hundred units a day on the consumer side, and thousands of custom chargers per month though B2B sales.


At the start of the program we had no idea how to run an Online business. And now we sell over $80,000 of chargers per month. How? We learned from doing.


We developed our product over a year to arrive at the sleekest portable phone charger on the market, and we optimized our SEO to ensure daily sustainable traffic from consumers predisposed to buy.


It's the formula for a successful e-commerce venture. As I'm a math major at UCLA, check out this equation:


Good product + SEO optimization on website and Amazon = $$$$$


It all starts by just doing shit.




This stress of praxis has continued to shape Flux into what we are today. Bauses. We are doers, not thinkers. You could say we are committed to something. We minimize bureaucracy and aimless delegation of tasks by each taking the individual initiative.


Our vision is to become the next Virgin Group (Richard Branson's big baus holding company that owns Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Galactic, etc). In other words, we very clearly see ourselves becoming a household brand name and a leader in several industries. We won't stop until it comes true.


This is just the beginning for Flux.






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