Sah trolls, I'm Miles.


I founded Flux Ventures, created Baus, and study Math/Econ at UCLA.


If you're not a poos, scope some musings of baus. I recently mused all over everyone's fáce about my first angel investment, my latest Pibauso (Master)piece, a short history of Flux, and Snapchat Spectacles.


I recently have began to ponder the essential balance of bausxindule as well.




A year and a half after its inception, Flux Chargers now makes the sleekest portable charger on the market. It's available to buy on the Flux website and Amazon Prime.


Flux.LA provides SEO marketing and product design consulting cause I'm all about ze product (my job title is Product Guy).


I have a passion for lucrative and innovative businesses, so I made my first big baus angel investment in Everipedia. I enjoy using it frequently to define linguistic gems I coin.




To learn more about me, scope my bio, interview, and company exposé. I enjoy decadent and elegant cheese, wine, art, eibing, a daily indule, and jdbt.


#yas #committosomething #bausxindule